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Inspection Equipment

* The above list is a brief description of various inspection instruments which LPC has in-house, but does not represent all of the instruments in our possession.

Quality Control To MIL-I-45208A, ISO 10012-1, ANSIINCSL Z540-1

1 ea. Jones & Lainson Comparator (14"Screen)
3 ea. Granite Surface Plates (24 X 18)
1 ea. Travadial Height Gage (24")
2 ea. Mitutoyo Height Gage (12")
2 ea. George Scherr Gage Blocks    (82pcWorking Set)
1 ea. Brown & Sharp Gage Blocks
  (82pcMaster Set)
1 ea. Brown & Sharp Outside Micrometer Set (1"-8")
1 ea. Brown & Sharp Inside Micrometer Set (1"-6")
3 ea. Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicators
8 ea. Granite Base Height Indicator Stands
1 ea. Mueller Gage Set (Inside Groove Set)
8 ea. Intertest Inside Groove Gages (.250"-2.5")
2 ea. George Scberr Master Mikes (O"-2")
1 ea. P&W Master Mike (Calibration)
2 ea. Mitutoyo Digital Master Mikes (O"-2")
1 ea. Johnson External Thd Comparator Set    (J Series up to 2")
4 ea. Brown & Sharp Chamfer Mikes

 Quality Control Manual Available Upon Request

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